Pano Tuner - Chromatic Tuner

a fast, decent and sensitive chromatic tuner for your iPhone.

This application listens to the sound you made and shows the pitch of it. You can tune your instrument exactly by looking at the slight displacement.

You need an audio input device, like a built-in mic of your iPhone, an external head set or an external mic of your iPod Touch.


Quick and sensitive reaction

Pano Tuner detects the pitch change nearly 30 times per second.

Wide range of pitch sensor

Senses all the notes of the 88-key piano. Bring your all the instruments; guitars, basses, piccolos.

Standard pitch customizing

Your friends play the xylophone or ocarina. They cannot tune their instruments, you should tune along theirs. Let them play their 'La' (A) into your Pano Tuner. Pano Tuner will analyze their sound and configure the new standard pitch of your band. You just tune your instrument along it.